Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Here we go again...

We're off tomorrow for Michigan. This will mark Jack's 5th flight before 1. Does this make anyone else tired? I am probably a bit more nervous with this flight than before. Jack wants to move and he does not like sitting still. We shall see how this goes...

I have yet to blog about my NYC trip because i have been playing catch up and preparing for this trip. Maybe when i have a second or two, i will blog about BOTH trips.

We are heading to Michigan to see the family. Both our families live close to each other and i have my Aunt and cousins coming that i have not seen in oh, 13+ years... it should be fun!

We are also going to throw Jack an early birthday party, so that all his numerous grandmas and grandpas can attend. How we will fly back with those birthday party gifts has yet to be determined.

It is after midnight and we fly off around noon. I will be up in 3 or 4 hours to feed Jack, so i need to hit the sack. I am excited to see my family and head home for a little bit of a break. This is our last planned trip. Who knows when the next one will come around, but right now, i am just going to enjoy this trip and then enjoy being home. Who knows, maybe when we return we may actually be able to head to the ocean that is 20 mins from my house...maybe one day.

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