Saturday, September 12, 2009


Attention all mothers and mothers to be!!!!

The link below has become my lifesaver. I don't really let Jack watch T.V yet, but my old boss and good friend, Greg Flick produced this children's video. They gave it to us for Jack's birthday and his wife, a mother of 5 wonderful kids (3 of which make their debut in the video), swore by it. It was the only video that her 16 month liked. He loved it and would actually sit still and watch it. I was curious.

I put it in and instant love from Jack. He was mesmerized by the animals and the music. I loved that it was well done and had scripture incorporated through it all.

Jack has bad mornings sometimes. He is not happy. He does not want to play, he only wants to sit on my lap and even than he is not content. A bad night sleep produces a clingy, whiny baby. I pop in Noah's Ark and bam... he is content and happy. He will cuddle with me (miracle! That alone is worth the video) and watch it. He gets so excited to watch the animals and tries to mimic their noises. Cute. All bad moods are banished with Noah's Ark is on.

I am not a big advocate of baby television watching. They have plenty of time in their life for that. However, i really recommend this video. It is a great christian kids video, only 30 mins and cut up into little sections, so that they can watch their favorite animal and play when they are no longer interested. I like the classical music. I like the live animal footage. I LOVE the scriptures incorporated through it all.

So, buy it for your friends, neighbors and kids. I promise you won't be disappointed!


Mrs. B. said...

So cool! I'll have to look into it.

I'm not too worried about TV...we limit it but they certainly watch it.

It's so werid, some of the smartest, most clever kids I know watch tons of TV...

I don't know what to think.

McClain's said...

Gracie loves it! I know it was a gift for Reese but she enjoys watching it in the car especially. Thanks Alicia and Jack!!