Wednesday, October 14, 2009

3 years

I have been married for 3 years today.

I love my husband more now than i did when i married him.

I am sitting in a hotel in Nashville, waiting for my whining child to FINALLY go to sleep. He won't sleep in hotels. He refuses to go to bed and than will be up multiple times a night.

I am exhausted.

My husband is in Virginia with Oscar the cat.

My husband sent flowers to the studio today.

I almost cried.

Ryan spent our anniversary at work and at class.

I spent our anniversary working in the studio with Brit Nicole and Everlife. Both are quality girls with great music. You should look them up.

I miss my husband.

I am eating a peanut butter cup cupcake from Gigi's Cupcakes. It is glorious.Magnificent. Astounding. If you are ever in Nashville, get a cupcake from Gigi's. It will make any day better and make celebrating alone tolerable. The peanut butter buttercream frosting will kill you, and you will die very, very happy.

I wish that Ryan was here eating a cupcake with me.

Happy 3 years, babe. Can't wait to see what is in store for us next!


Dina's Days said...

Happy anniversary! Thanks for stopping by and entering the giveaway!

Mrs. B. said...

I've been to Gigis! :) Do they still have the sign outside that says "Jesus Loves Gigi's" ? So funny.
I hope you had a great anniversary, Congratulations.
(P.S. speaking of cupcakes, I made those pumpkin ones you posted and they were divine! Must make again before Fall is over!)

McClain's said...

Happy Anniversary!!! I'm sorry ya'll weren't together but I'm sure you will celebrate when you get back! I think I've had GiGi's cupcakes last time I was in Nashville. Is it in the west end? Here's to many more happy years together!