Saturday, October 31, 2009

Oct 31

The end of October is here. What a whirlwind month! It seems like I was gone for most of month!

In the month of October ~

We spent 11 nights away from our own beds.

We went to Williamsburg, Richmond and Nashville, TN.

We had 3 birthday parties, 1 anniversary and lots and lots of cake.

We went to 2 Anthropologie! (My favorite part)

We got to see my parents and my sister.

We went to our first zoo, first pumpkin patch and tonight we are taking Jack to his first annual Holy Ghost Wiener Roast!

Lots and lots of life happened this month as well. I am kinda sad that October has gone by so fast, but I am looking forward to the holidays and visiting our family. We have two more trips before we head to Michigan for Christmas. Ryan is heading to Peru in November (see post below) and I will be taking my first trip sans baby to Nashville the beginning of December. We will see how that goes. Momma has not been away from her boy for even a night.

Today is Halloween. I HATE Halloween. I really really hate it. I hate all the ghosts, skeletons,witches and the glorification of all things evil. I hate seeing spider webs, hanging corpses and cackling witches decorating peoples' houses. I just don't get why it is so cool to make death and evil and all the of things incorporated with it such a huge celebration. I hate Halloween. I hate the way the holiday came about. Look it up. It is not cute and nice.

Before you pity my poor candy less kids, I have no problem with a good ol' harvest celebration with lots of pumpkins, corn, carnival games and candy. Jack will be heading to our church's Holy Ghost Wiener Roast and will have it chance to ride ponys, make smores at a fire, square dance, play carnival games, eat hot dogs and get loads of candy. We get to hang out at a huge horse ranch and run and play. Sounds a whole lot more fun that asking for gross stranger's candy.

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