Sunday, February 28, 2010


We have hit the 19th week of pregnancy! Baby "Lenni" is growing and moving! I am slowly transitioning into maternity clothes now. Unfortunately, all of my old maternity clothes are way to big still, but my normal pants are not working. I have had to buy a few things, but luckily my local Ross has maternity clothes for practically nothing!

I really need to take a picture of the ol' belly, but i just keep forgetting. Poor little Lenni... already the second child with no pictures! (These pictures will most likely NOT be posted here.)

Jack will say "Hi!" to the baby and give my stomach a hug and kiss. He will only do it on my bare skin. He will lift up my shirt, say " Hi Baby!", give my stomach a big hug and kiss and than pull the shirt back down and say " Bye Baby!". He is really cute about it. It is a good thing he usually does it in the morning and never in public...yet! He definitely is a momma's boy, so bringing the actual baby home may be interesting. He is not very good about sharing his mom's attention.

We have a week and half before the big ultrasound reveal! Boy or girl? What will it be? People ask me all the time what i want. If we had another boy, Jack would have a little brother to play with. I have ALL the baby stuff that i would need, especially since both boys will be born in July. However, a little girl would be a great addition to the family and Jack would be a great big protective brother. SO, what do you think? Boy or girl?

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McClain's said...

I am never good at guessing these things so I will wait to be surprised with you! Either way, this baby is one lucky kid to be born into your family! Jack will be a great older brother! Looking fwd to meeting baby "Lenni"!