Thursday, March 18, 2010


There has a been a whole lot of kicking going on around here. Kicking, twisting and bouncing around. Baby likes to kick when I am trying to rest and relax. Baby especially likes to kick at bedtime for a good solid 20-30 minutes. He has definitely made his presence known!

There has also been a non-stop work on the kitchen. We have a sink and dishwasher back and they are installing the counter tops as I write. We just need to get the cabinets refinished and painted and the wall paint to be touched up. A month long kitchen repair. I can't wait to have a finished kitchen.

Kissing. Lots of kissing is going on around here. Jack likes to give kisses. Not just cute little kisses. He likes the dramatic, face grabbing, heading shaking, on the mouth regardless of what his mouth looks like kisses. He also makes a long "mmmmmmmmm" noise while he kisses. Dramatic and way over the top, but oh so wonderful. You don't mind the substances that are left behind when you are given such a kiss. These are very Hollywood worthy kisses.
He also likes to kiss my belly, thus kissing "Hi Baby!". The cat is NOT a fan of kisses. He stays a few feet away at all times, especially during kissing time. Jack has also started to understand kissing Mommy right away before she sees what mischief he caused MAY help him out. Silly smart boy. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

Kicking, kitchens and kisses... pretty much sums up life this week.

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