Tuesday, August 10, 2010

2 weeks!

Mr. Colin has been with us for two whole weeks now! He is a funny little man who likes his momma and his milk. He gets a bit too excited come nursing time, which cause him to get frustrated when he has to work a bit for some food. He has the most hilarious mad face ever. One quick little cry followed by a seriously old man mad face. It kills me. I am dying to get a photo of that little mad face, but they are fast and furious and usually at the start of a nursing session, so no luck. Does that make me a bad mom to want to photograph his tantrums?

Anyway, my days and nights are all smashed together into feeding/non feeding. Jack is doing awesome with his brother. He loves him and want to cuddle and kiss Colin all the time. He has thrown a bit more fits with Ryan and I, but overall, Jack is doing great. I am so proud of him.

With a cuddly little newborn, active 2 year old and sleep coming in 2-3 hr time slots, blogging and basic social networking have been tossed to the wayside. The birth story is coming soon...
Here is a blackberry photo of my cute little 2 week old!
( Real photos to come)

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