Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Day in August

A Day in August ~ Saturday August 28th, 2010.

It is time for a day in our lives. We documented a day in July and since than have added a new member to our family. Our days are much different in just a months time.

I decided to document a day that Ryan was home, as the days with just the boys and me are filled with nursing and occupying a toddler. That's it. No one wants to see that.

My day started at 5:45am with a swift kick to the back and sides. Jack had made his way into our bed during the night and was restless and tossed (kicked) and turned. I think he may be getting his last molars in and is pretty cranky. I went to sleep at 1:45am that morning. Colin decided to stay awake and nurse forever. Once I finally got him in the pack'n'play, he spit up all over and I had to change everything. At 1:30am. Awesome.

So at 5:45am I slowly got up and changed Colin's diaper and brought him to the living room to nurse him. By the time the nursing, burping, supplementing, burping, and swaddling was all complete it was 7:30am and I went back to my occupied bed. Jack got up shortly after, but Ryan got up with him and let me sleep. I might not make it through the week if I did not have those extra little morning naps. I love the weekends.

I was back up around 9:30am and this little fuzz head was still sleeping.

The toddler was playing with his stuffed animals in the living room and I walked into the kitchen to see this glorious site. Ryan was washing the dishes. By hand. Our dishwasher broke a day or so after I had Colin. Awesome timing. I love having to take up extra time to hand wash everything. But I LOVE having the hubby do the dishes while I sleep.

I grabbed a quick bowl of cold cereal before I went to get Colin up. I was starving. Those nursing sessions make me ravenous. After another diaper change, it was nursing time. Jack joined in on the fun, along with his animal friends. He was not, however, a fan of having it documented. He was telling me "No camera".

We had a lifegroup summer get together, so after I wrapped up nursing I went to the kitchen to finish chopping the rest of my Italian pasta salad. So easy, healthy and so good.

It was around 11:45am by this time and I made french toast for a Saturday morning brunch. Jack helped me reorganize some of my cabinets.

I love a good french toast with coffee on the weekend. We needed the extra oompf for our upcoming pool party. Plus, I am pretty much always hungry.

After our lunch, it was nap time for babies. Jack went down really easily and even Colin joined in on the snooze fest. I, however, did not. I took a shower and had time to blow dry my hair and get ready. It was a good thing the boys slept so well since it took me forever to find something to wear. I am in the awful stage of maternity clothes are too big and my regular clothes are awkward and tight. After trying on pretty much anything that i could squeeze into, I was ready.

We had another nursing session after I got ready, but really... how many nursing pictures do you really want to see?

After the babe was fed, the toddler sunscreened and changed, we were off. Milton the Monkey came along for the ride... Jack decided he needed to wear his sunglasses. " Nice eyes" he kept telling his little stuffed friend.

After munching on food and swimming the afternoon away, the boys were all done for the day. Colin and I chilled out and talked with our other new momma friend and her little lady. I was not about to get my four week post pardum body in a swimsuit at a social event. Let's be serious here.

We got home after 5pm and it was time to feed the little man again. Do you see a pattern here? :) Ryan mowed the lawn while I feed the baby and occupied Jack with some 'Elmo Potty Time'. We were hoping it would inspire him. It hasn't. When we ask him about going potty, he looks very seriously at me and says, " No, Mommy. No potty. Diapers. No potty." Great.

After I wrapped up with Colin, I took Jack outside to play while Ryan finished up mowing the lawn. It has finally cooled down to the mid 80s and I can let Jack outside for longer than 10 minutes.

After some play time, we had a light dinner of pasta salad and left overs and got Jack ready for bed. First clean up time...

Than it is time for books with Daddy, followed by teeth brushing and than off to bed.

We rented some redbox movies for the weekend and Ryan and Colin snuggled in to watch 'The Bounty Hunter'. We had some popcorn and a little ice cream and enjoyed some down time together.

By 11pm Colin was changed and ready to eat and Mommy was ready for him to go to sleep. After another nice long nursing session, he was ready for bed. I just love the milk coma face. They are my favorite. That is one happy, satisfied little baby.

We all went to bed a little before midnight. If you are keeping tabs here, I slept a whoppin' 6 total hours this day. It is a pretty typical days worth of sleep for me...maybe even a little bit more than normal.

There is light at the end of the tunnel though. I laid Colin down at midnight, set my alarm and went to sleep. Apparently, I set my alarm, but failed to turn it on. Colin woke me up at 6:40am!! He slept 6 1/2 hours straight! I slept 6 1/2 hrs straight! It was glorious. Because of all his little weight issues, I still need to wake him up to eat around 5 hrs, but hopefully we can just let him wake up on his own very soon...and hopefully he will sleep that long all the time!

That is our day in August. More active than normal, thanks to the extra help from Ryan. It was a good day.

I wonder how our days will change in September?


Mrs. B. said...

Can I just tell you? I love this.
I love your boys (they are so sweet). And re-living the newborn days. Can it be I'm already OUT of those days?! How? (yet I'm still not getting much more sleep that you...hmm...)

I wouldn't get my 5 MONTHS post partum body in a swim suit in front of people. Yikes.

I love a man that will do dishes and let the mama sleep. :)

Thanks for posting and linking up!

Crystal Leigh said...

I like reading the day in the life of....I'm sorry you don't get sleep. Remember, I'm trying to get some extra for you too!

Jamie Willow said...

loved reading! I just checked back to Mrs. B's blog and saw I missed a few links...your boys are adorable...all of them!