Sunday, November 6, 2011


Apparently, the steam from a shower can set off my fire alarm...during nap time.  I left the door cracked and the fan off, as to hear my refusing to nap, but still in his room 3 year old. One can get out of a shower, towel draped, and waving discarded sweater under the fire alarm in mere seconds.

Apparently, Colin can now crawl onto my kitchen counters via the high kitchen stools. He can not, however, get down.

Apparently, that white tissue paper with the large colored sparkles inside of it can shed. Giant colored sparkles. On your bed.

Apparently, husbands do not like sleeping in giant sparkles. Who knew?

Apparently, when your star quarterback is injured you don't win football games. Any of them.

Apparently, it is not that much fun to watch a continual smattering of your team. I now feel slightly  more sympathetic to my Husband and his Lion's plight. But only slightly, cause they are finally decent this year.

Apparently, you can NOT eat all the sweets that come across your path and still lose weight.

Apparently, if you accidentally forget to turn down the stove, your egg-based soup can over cook and turn into a scrambled egg type texture...even if you already tempered the soup. Yum.

Apparently, the change in weather has created a major baby eczema outbreak on Colin. Poor little body and face is all covered with little bumps and rashes. He is still cute, just bumpy. :(

You really do learn new things every week!



Sayaka said...

apparently mom's are super hard workers and learners :) I love your post this week!! Sorry to hear about Colin. My daughter has pretty bad eczema on her arms and behind her knees. We normally use an ointment but when it really acts up we have no choice but to use steroid cream.

modernmom said...

You really are super mom. Hopefully this week will go well. :)