Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Have you seen my baby?

He seems to be missing.

There is this little tow-headed toddler here instead. A laughing, screaming, squealing, giggling, yelling toddler.

In the last few weeks Colin has decided to drop his morning nap. (How will I ever get any cleaning done?!)

He weaned himself cold turkey.

He insists on feeding himself, no matter the consequence (or the mess).

He plays, like actual play, not just tossing toys around.

He can wrestle his brother to the ground.

His dancing and singing have multiplied. His tantrums have definitely been taken to a new level.

Seriously. Where did this kid come from and where is my sweet little baby. I swear, he was a baby the last time I looked.  I swear it.

Saying "Cheese!" AND coloring.
He needs to stop this.


Sayaka said...

Colin is so so adorable!! How old is he again? My daughter Sola dropped her nap right after she turned 3 and I'm still struggling to get threw the day. And I hear you when you say that his tantrums have reached a new level.....ahhh I miss the baby days too :)

Carol said...

Oh, he's so darling! I feel the same way with Kate - where is my baby??? On the one hand, I love seeing them growing and developing. On the other hand, I miss my babies like nobody's business. It's a hard thing being a mom, sometimes.

Alicia Marie said...

@Sayaka~ Colin just turned 16 months. My oldest is 3 and barely naps! So much adjusting. Sola is just a beautiful name!

@Carol~ Motherhood is bittersweet, isn't it? So excited to see the growth and discoveries, yet still wanting to hold that sweet small baby...