Thursday, December 1, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

Babies in a suit. Always awesome.

1. The amount of sweet potato casserole that Ryan and I consumed. We are talking in the pounds here people. Hands down, the most amazing sweet potato casserole known to man kind. So, it was worth it.

2. Having no one come to our Thanksgiving who said they would...leaving us with pounds of pie and sweet potato casserole. I think Ryan was secretly happy to not share his pie...or get dressed.

3. Watching the Lions' lose. On Thanksgiving. Again.

4. Colin eating old oatmeal out of the trash. Again.

5. Socially awkward editors.

6.  Walking by Jack's room at 9:50pm and he is just sitting in his Lighting McQueen folding chair wide awake.

Baby with a Nutella sandwich. Awkward...since this is after one bite.

1. Having a Thanksgiving "picnic" with just our little family.

2. Getting ALL of the black friday deals online that crazy people lined up on the streets for. In my pjs, sipping fresh, hot coffee and just clicking. Seriously people, I got ALL of Best Buy's deals online Thanksgiving AM while the boys slept.

3. Using Ebates while shopping online. SO, not only did I score some great deals, but I made some money.

4. Jack doing the moves to Jillian Michael's 30 day Shred. His push-ups look like booty shakes!

5. Colin's nap march. Every time he wakes up from his nap, I have to pick up his dog, his blanket and them him, in that order. He than will squirm to get down, grab blanket and dog and march down the hallway. Cute.

6. Anthropologie had first time ever 50% off all sale items on Black Friday. If you are getting an awesome gift from me, I probably bought it at Anthropologie and I got it for a steal. (Pretend that you don't know that and be impressed.)

7. Colin give his Dog a little bit of his bottle. It's the cutest, minus the slightly milky stuffed Dog.

My little Orangutan. Awesome.

Jack, Teddy and Husband Orangutan. Awkward.

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Sayaka said...

Your pictures and posts always make me smile! I love the one of Colin eating the Nutella sandwich...seriously one bite? Lol!!

Lisa - respect the shoes said...

I made carrot "fries" the other day out of an entire sack of carrots and proceeded to eat the entire thing. So good, but oh so sickly orange now ...