Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Saturday Date

I went on a date this Saturday. I went with the handsome little guy.

We dress up just a bit and left Daddy and brother to man for themselves while we took off for the afternoon.

 First stop. Starbucks.
Coffee for me, chocolate milk with a cookie for him.
It was super crowded and we had to eat outside.

Someone thought it was funny when I tried to take his picture while driving.
My aim was a bit off.

We went to the Aquarium, but not to see the fishies this time.
We said hello to the harbor seals before heading inside.
While walking in the building Jack was telling me all of the ocean creatures pictured on the wall. He asked me what the last creature was. I told him that he knew what it was, it was a turtle!
His response, " No, Mom. It is a leatherback sea turtle."
 Oh. My mistake.

Instead of seeing all the "fishies", we went and saw The Polar Express in 3D at the IMAX with a few of his little friends and their mommies.
It was so much fun! The boys (ages 3-4 yrs old) did so great! Only one got scared and had to leave. It was pretty intense on that big screen and in 3D and quite loud.
They sat still for the most part for the entire movie, which is a feat in itself. They wanted to be done after the Santa Claus scene. I guess the moral conclusion was not as interesting to them.

It was a really great date.

I will totally give this guy a second date.
He's a keeper.


Sayaka said...

Your date is super handsome and cute!! I like how you documented the day. And your outfit is so pretty!! I love the cardigan wrapped around with a belt. I can't wait to hear about your second date :)

Karin said...

Fun and cute :)