Friday, April 6, 2012

Frivolous Friday: Hodgepodge

 I had some very handsome lunch dates today.

A smattering of thoughts for your Friday, because it is Friday. And frivolous.

~ Instagram finally came to Android. I now feel .05% cooler, even though I am still i-phone less. I may not tote the hipster phone, but gosh darn it, I can take pictures like one.

~ Jillian Micheal's Yoga Blast is like doing Yoga on speed. I should have known. She definitely takes any "relaxation" out of any yoga that you do.

~ Colin runs around the house and yells "Got you!" as he grabs your legs and pushes with his whole little body weight. This will happen all day, at random times and without warning.

~ I need all this Easter candy to be gone from the stores. I may have eaten 4 bags of jelly beans over the last month. I say may, because I did give a few beans to my boys. A few.

~ My family is coming to visit next week. Cue frantic Spring cleaning.

~ Ryan and I are leaving the babes with family for a few days and heading south to the Raleigh-Durham area. Anyone have any suggestions on what to do/see/stay?

~ I want to buy and wear this necklace everyday. No one in my family would be very surprised.

~ A jar of dill pickles tipped over in the back of my fridge and spilled pickle juice ALL over the fridge. It smells super awesome in there now. Cue frantic cleaning.

 ~ The weather is cool, the sky is blue and I get my Husband all weekend long.  I love Fridays!

Today is Good Friday. A Navy F-18 crashed into an apartment complex in Virginia Beach today. As of this writing, not a single life was lost. The Lord was truly watching over Virgina Beach today and what a beautiful Good Friday it is.

Have a wonderful Easter weekend. My family will be celebrating the Risen Lord this Sunday. We hope you have a truly Blessed Easter.


Carol said...

Love your hodgepodge. Such a happy life. =) Have a happy weekend!

Sayaka said...

Happy Easter Alicia!! Oh and I think you need to buy that's adorable!! Love the cute lunch date picture and jelly bean story. I just opened a bag of chocolate eggs and just ate about 5 in 10 minutes!!