Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I wish I could walk around with a tape recorder and just record Jack talking for a day.

It would be a LONG tape.

The kid loves to talk..and talk...and talk.

But, he is so smart and articulate for a little 3 year old, I sometimes forgot just how old he is.

Here are a few of my favorite Jack sayings of late.


" Mom. Come sit by me. I am kinda busy right now, because I am watching the Fresh Beat Band."

" Colin. I do NOT feel like playing the push your brother game right now, o.k?!"

After asking Jack if he is coloring his picture inside of the lines:
"Mom, I am coloring inside of the lines. And outside of the lines too."

After asking him how he got to be so big:
" I just like food."

" Mom. Give me a hug because I am the fastest runner in the whole world."

After burping:
" Woah! There is a toad in there. Well, there is not actually a real toad in my throat. It just sounds like it."

After being told that he was going to go to the zoo with his friend Grace:
" Well. I might want to hold her hand. But I might not. Sometimes I like holding hands and sometimes I do not like it. Grace always wants to hold my hand. So, I do not know."

After being told not to hit his brother:
" Mom, I am just Hulk smashing Colin."

After waking up around midnight to go to the bathroom:
"Sometimes accidents happen. Sometimes they don't."

" My superpower is talking."

Yes, yes his superpower is talking. He is right about that one.

This guy just needs to remember to be three...and not 35.


Carol said...

Love it. :D Rowan is super articulate and verbal too. Which is why it delights me that he still mispronounces "breakfast" (he says, "brefext") and "popular" (he says, "poplular"), because they remind me he's only 6 years old.

Sayaka said...

You have one bight handsome boy there. I love the part about holding darn cute!! I hope he held Grace's hand :)

Andrea said...

What a cutie! Kids' say some of the cutest things...

Kristina Clemens said...

I love the jackisms! I keep a notebook full of things my boys say...HILARIOUS! =)
Kristina J.