Monday, October 22, 2012


We have been doing some fun fall activities of late. It has finally cooled down enough to be outside most of the day and be comfortable. The boys have been loving it.

We spent the day in Williamsburg last weekend, shoe shopping for the boys and just enjoying the area. We let the boys loose in Colonial Williamsburg and they tore all over the place, free from the constraints of a stroller and an outlet mall.

We did our yearly trek to the local pumpkin farm to let the boys play in the hay and visit the  petting zoo. Colin just wanted to jump off the hay bales head first.

The best picture of the bunch. We only got smiles after Colin insisted on holding ALL the pumpkins on his lap, and than Jack had to have the BIGGEST pumpkin next to him...and they are not even looking at me. Real life, right there.

I was able to sneak in a picture with my littlest man. The real pumpkin was the obvious star of this show.

Those are the painfully close faces of two people that have been married 6 years and spent their anniversary at a pumpkin patch with their little boys. Fun, but not the most romantic. Maybe next year, the boys will be old enough to hold the camera for us :)

I also turned 31 this week. Celebrated with a little cake at home with my three favorite men.

What are you doing on these fall days?


Carol said...

Happy birthday and happy anniversary, Alicia! Your family is just the cutest ever. Thanks for sharing the photos. And btw, I totally get "fun but not exactly romantic" anniversary celebrations. This past year was our 10 year anniversary, and we took a family vacation to Disneyland. Super fun. Haha, but not the most romantic.

Andrea said...

your boys are beautiful! happy birthday again lady!!

Sayaka said...

I LOVE these pictures!! And happy belated birthday & anniversary Alicia! You two make such a beautiful couple I can see why your kids are gorgeous!!
I totally understand that it's hard to have a romantic celebration when your kids are young....let's hope that 10 years will be quite a celebration!!