Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Boss

A lunchtime conversation with Jack.

"Mom. When Dad is gone, I am the boss."

"No. I am the boss."

"Well, when Dad is gone I am the second boss."

"Maybe. We'll see."

"Well than, I am the boss of Colin."

"No. I am the boss of Colin."

"I am the boss of my room."

"No, I am the boss of your room."

" Fine. Than I am the boss of Kitty."

" I don't think anyone is the boss of the cat."

"I AM the boss of Teddy."

"Yes, you are the boss of Teddy."

"God is the boss of you, Mom. God is the boss of everyone."

" I know."

"Can I have some dessert?"

" Yes, when you finish all your lunch, you may have a cookie."

" O.k. I will eat all my food and than I will get TWO cookies."


Lunch is never boring when you dine with The Great Negotiator.

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