Thursday, July 4, 2013


My baby is five today.

It can't be.

He is too big.

I remember like it was yesterday, that long labor, that first little scream. Rubbing his little cheeks, seeing his long toes through the curtain of my c-section. The little peanut face that would only sleep next to me.

It seems like yesterday.

Now he is big and five. Kindergarten looms in the fall, but let's not think about that now.

My boy is smart and funny, kind and compassionate. He has a strong feeling of right and wrong and  shares his emotions about this freely.

He loves to create and draw, read and imagine. He loves his brother, even when they are fighting mad, and it looking forward to being a big brother to a little sister soon. He has already informed me that when he is 5 he will be old enough to help with the baby, even if that means changing diapers. He didn't look happy about those diapers, but seemed resigned to do his brotherly, 5 yr old duty.

I feel blessed to be his momma and get the privilege to watch him grow and learn.

How loved you are, my handsome Jack. You changed our life for the better when you came into this world five years ago and your dad and I will be eternally grateful for that and for your life.

Happy Birthday, Jack! We love you SO much.


Andrea Worley said...

happy birthday to your boy! i can't even imagine having a 5 year old.

Sayaka said...

Happy Birthday Jack!! He's a handsome little man. He's the same age as my daughter (she turned 5 last month) I'm not ready to send her off to K...