Saturday, July 27, 2013

One, Two...THREE!

This sweet face is 3 today!


My baby.

How time flies.

The little man made his presence known in the womb, with powerhouse kicks that took my breathe away and he hasn't really stopped moving since.

Colin is full of emotion. He feels everything to to the fullest degree, happiness and sadness, laughter and tears. He is a rough and tumble little dude, doing everything that his brother does or will try till he hurts himself.

He loves his momma best, but watches everything his Daddy and brother does. He is extremely protective of anyone in his family and will fight anyone, any size, if he feels we are being wronged. While the transition from being the baby to the big brother this fall may be a little rocky at first, I know that he will fiercely protect and love his little sister, just like his loves and protects us.

What a complete and utter joy this boy has been to our lives. I can't imagine life without my sweet little full of life Colin.

Happiest 3rd Birthday, Colin. We love you SO much!

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