Monday, August 26, 2013

There's a lady a comin'

So there is a baby coming to our household.


In 3 weeks or less.

I have rarely posted about this baby and pregnancy. 
(Though, I have rarely posted this summer in general)

So, in honor of our upcoming addition and to have some sort of remembrance written down, here is a brief overview of the little lady pregnancy.

~ I eat/chew almost 3 lbs of ice a day. Why? I have no idea. It is summer and I am hot and whatever, but ice is the best.

~ I crave ice cold watermelon. I have eaten more watermelon this summer than any other.
Other cravings: soft pretzels, mustard, and Penn Station subs. If you bring me any of these, I will love you forever.

~ This baby likes to wiggle and worm her way around my belly. All.The. Time

~ Midnight or later is her optimum movement time.

~ I am huge. Again. Torpedo belly in full effect.

~ The pregnancy has, hands down, been the most painful. I could ingest a steady diet of pain killers all day long. I don't, but I could. Achy everything. 
Thanks, little one.

~I am still wearing my wedding ring...regardless of the fact that I have gained more weight with this pregnancy than with my boys.

~ I moved to a new state, lived in my parent's basement with 2 boys for 7 weeks (with Ryan only around on weekends) and than moved into a new house that still needs to be unpacked and settled. All in my 3rd trimester. Apparently, that can cause stress, which causes the aches and pains. 

~I have had braxton hicks since week 17.

~ Sometimes my sciatic nerve goes out when I am walking. It's super fun.

~I am decorating the nursery in grey, yellow and white. I just need to start it...

~ Tums are my favorite midnight snack.

~ I bought an ivory lace diaper cover/bloomer and matching lace headband. Cause I am having a girl and I get to buy fun things like that for pictures.

I am sure there are more things to remember, but right now my pregnancy brain is running on empty.

So, here's to having the baby sooner rather than later and to having a smooth and easy delivery!


Andrea Worley said...

Yay for new babies and girls!

We bought a new house, moved 2 weeks before Zane was born! Buying a house while preggo is not reccomended. Thankfully my mom was here to basically help me unpack. don't know if I could have done it without her.

Happy Last days till you meet her!

Crystal said...

Lady Fedell! Can't wait to see what she looks like. Sorry this pregnancy hasn't treated you so well. You are a hot mama!