Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Five: First Foods

Macy turned 5 months on the 17th. All big and smiley and silly.

My once awesome sleeper has decided she is over that. Why sleep when you can move around?

She is now waking up a lot at night, fussy from rolling on her belly, or being mad that I tried to help her...whatever the reason, she is tired. I am tired. Hopefully, she will revert back to her old wonderful sleep schedule. Soon.

Since she is now five months old and growing like a weed, we decided to start feeding her solids, beginning with baby cereal. I was hoping this would help her sleep longer, as well.

She has no idea what is coming.

Her very first taste of solid food. Baby oatmeal to be specific.

She was not a fan.

At all.

In fact, she hated it. Every single bit of it.

Oh, baby.
Maybe we will just try again later...

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