Wednesday, February 5, 2014

On the Bright Side...

It is snowing today.


Only 3-4 inches this time.

This is the picture of my commute to Jack's school at 11am today.

I live in a large suburb of Detroit.

A nice suburb with supremely wealthy along with a modest middle-class.

Very nice homes are in developments behind those trees.
Except, they don't plow here. Ever.

 So, in order to NOT dwell about the fact that my first winter back in the midwest after a seven year break is recording setting in both cold and snow amounts, I am going to try to look at the bright side of things.

1. I have 4 wheel drive on my Escape.
We were planning on getting a new vehicle to accommodate our expanding brood this summer, but between selling and buying houses, moving and so forth, we just could not put a ton of money into a new vehicle. We have no payments on our Escape, so we just decided to buy a new car seat that would allow our bench seat to fit 3 car seats. I am SO thankful we did that. Not only because of the money saved, but because I use my 4 wheel drive ALL the time here. Ya know, because they don't plow. Ever.

2. We have not been sick.
It is just too dang cold for germs to survive. At least, that is what I like to think. We have had some sniffles here and there, but no real sickness this whole fall and winter. I am super thankful for that. If those sub zero temps have anything to do that, than I am thankful.

3. I have had to buy new things.
Warm things. Sweaters and more sweaters. That is what I have had to buy. I gave away most of my warm sweaters from when I used to live in Minnesota a few winters ago, thinking that I would never need them in the mild VA winters. Welp, now I need them. Since I didn't have any, I went shopping.
Online shopping mostly, since it is too cold to head out... but at least it is still shopping.

4. We had 6 snow days in the month of January.
This September I was sad and weepy, thinking about how I no longer had lazy mornings with Jack. Getting up, snuggling with blankies and watching Disney Jr. before breakfast. It was nice to have my little man back for the whole day, no agenda, just jammies and playtime.

5. I get to wear sweatpants all day, every day.
First of all, it is freezing and fleece pants help keep me warm. Secondly, I am two and half weeks into a diastasis  recti repair program and I am wearing a stomach brace 24 hrs a day. (I will blog about this whole experience soon.) So finding pants that fit either over the brace or under it can be tricky. Sweatpants are the easiest. Plus, I am usually either snowed in or risk the chance of exposure and frostbite when going outside, so staying inside in sweatpants is the perfect solution.

6. Our garage can be used for a second refrigerator.
We keep a lot of our drinks out in the garage. It keeps them nice and cold, but does not freeze them. Plus, I get more room in my fridge.

7.Blankets and snuggles.
I get lots of them.
It is a winter bonus.

What are some things that you do to keep things cheery when temperatures plummet?

Any advice on a good winter coat or snow boots?

Good recipes?


Katherine K. said...

I like your blog. Your writing style, not complicated, funny and encouraging plus the sweet stories you tell about your beautiful family. So nice! :) Lots of blessings and keep warm!

GnomeLover said...

I look at that picture and I get so scared! I do not know if I could drive in that. You are awesome! I would be at home crying frozen tears.

But all of your good points are so good. You are so fantastically positive. Katherine was right. I like your writing style and sweet stories.

Yay! For new clothes. And yay for no car payment! We did not have any for so long. And now we do. It sucks. We like to keep our cars for at least ten years or 200,000 miles.

My fourteen year old daughter is staying home from school sick tomorrow. Is it wrong to be happy about that? I just love her at home!