Friday, May 9, 2014

Taking Stock

Tagging up here with a little list of things that make up my day.
Taking  Stock~

Making : Banana muffins with the boys
Cooking :Dinner
Drinking :Water
Reading: Sherlock Holmes
Looking: Forward to the weekend
Playing: Blocks with Macy
Wasting: Time...on the internet
Sewing: My abs back together...or attempting to
Wishing: For Pei Wei Dan Dan noodles
Enjoying: 75 degree weather
Waiting: For answers
Liking: A new, surprisingly nursing- friendly dress
Wondering: What I will make for dinner...every dang day.
Exposed baby skin in little rompers.
Hoping: That this teething thing is going to give us a break
Marvelling: Colin's ability to laugh and scream in 3 seconds, all with real, viable emotions
Needing: Sleep
Smelling: Macy's guacamole breathe.
Wearing: Old Navy mid-rise rockstar jeans (my go-to) and a nursing tank. (always)
Following: Macy. She can army crawl now
Noticing: I need to childproof my house better
Knowing: There is a time and purpose for every season
Thinking: About mother's day and my Grandma
Feeling: Sore. A good, healthy muscle sore from finally getting in a workout groove with Fit2be.
Bookmarking: Strawberry Rhubarb recipes for the hubby.
Opening: Fun packages in the mail
Giggling: Colin's laugh makes me giggle
Feeling: Tired but content

I hope you have a great weekend and enjoy your family.

What are you taking stock of?

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