Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Sassafras: 7&8

I am behind. My Macy is already 8 months old!

I missed posting about 7 months, so I decided to just smash them all together.

My little Miss is full of spunk and sass.

She is army crawling all over my floors and putting everything in her mouth.
We have already had one scary choking incident that involved a piece of a fruit snack wrapper and the words "What to do when Infant is choking" on my google search page.
All is well, and we were able to get it out, but not something I would like to repeat. Ever.

We have teeth!
The bottom two teeth came through first, followed quickly by her upper two teeth.
Sleepless nights came hand in hand, and we are still struggling to get back into a good sleeping pattern.

Any advice on a baby who wakes constantly through out the night?

 She still loves her brothers and loves to laugh at their antics.
She has perfected the courtesy fake laugh, and uses it to her full advantage.


 Moving and scooting, laughing and crying.
She is a bundle of emotions, our little Macy.

We love our little Sassafras!

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