Thursday, June 5, 2014

Adventures at 4am

This does not happen at 4am.

If you were to stop by our house around 4am, there is a good chance that someone will be awake.
It will mostly likely be all of us, except for Colin. Colin is the best sleeper and doesn't want to be bothered. Don't wake him up, don't sleep in his bed, don't move him. He likes his sleep.

I wish his other siblings would get that memo.

Also not at 4am.

Little Miss likes to wake up between 4-5am for a feeding, so we both are usually up at that time.

And Jack...oh, Jack...  he has decided to completely revert back and sleep in our room, preferably in our bed, wedged between us.

We have a queen. It is not big enough for an 5 year old boy who seems to grow arms and legs in the night that wrap and surround you like an ever-growing octopus.

Only one will be sleeping at 4am.

He has learned two very important tricks.

1. Mom wakes up WAY easier than Dad. Sneak past Mom at all costs, for she will put you back to bed.

2. Dad does not wake up. Ever. Go to Dad's side of the bed, and even lay directly on his back...for if you hit Mom in the face while sleeping, she will take you back to your bed.

Jack has been making beds on our floor sometime in the middle of the night. He also wakes us up to let us know that Macy is crying. (Something I am well aware of). He wakes us up if he hears a noise, or a car, or a creak.

Or the cat. That blasted cat.

The cat has figured out where our bedroom windows are. So he will want to be let outside around 8pm and than around 5am...right when everyone is back to sleep from our 4am party session... he will summon us to let him back inside by meowing at our window.

It is not cool, not cool at all.

SO, if you would like to party at 4am, come to our house. We have lots of conversations about noises and fear, we feed crying babies and we sport dark under-eyes circles during the day.

All are welcome.

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