Monday, June 30, 2014

9 months: The Peanut

My Macy is now 9 months old.

And she is a little peanut.

Like, not growing as fast as she should, little peanut.
Her 9 month wellness check was not so successful.
She is busy and active and not interested in eating at all.
Healthy, but needing to eat more and grow at a quicker rate.

BUT, this cute little stinker will not take a bottle, or a sippy cup and will only nurse.
So we are trying to feed her more solid foods (which she is not a fan of) and I am working on improving my milk supply.

Does anyone know how to make a baby take a sippy cup?

Not helping the eat more food situation was Macy's first real cold.

Little Lady was coughing and sneezy and runny-nosed for a solid week. 
As you can tell, she is just not her happy little self in these pictures.

The cold has now left and Macy is starting to eat more and hopefully grow!

Never a dull moment in her little world. She knows her likes and her dislikes and voices them regulary.

So, chunking up those little legs is the order of business around these parts.
That, and snuggling and kissing.

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