Friday, July 4, 2014


Six years ago today I met this handsome little man.
When he came into the world, I loved him at first sight and since than, my love has continued to grow. 
He made me a mother and brought a value to my life that can not be explained.
So in honor of my Jack's 6th birthday, here are just 6 little things that I love about him!

1. I love his thirst for knowledge. He will not rest until he finds out how things work, what they do and what it means. He loves learning and I hope that is a trait that will continue throughout his lifetime.

2. I love his smile. I love that he had a front gap in his teeth like his momma. I love that he is quick with a smile. I love the shy smile and the happy smile and the "Oops, I made a mistake" smile.

3. I love his sense of humor. He is always coming up with his own jokes and loves to make his dad laugh.

4. I love that he is a big brother. He is the best. He looks after Colin and Macy with much care and much bossiness. He takes this privilege very seriously.

5. I love that he always wants the family to be together. He wants us all together, all the time. He has decided to never get married, so that he can just stay home and live with us. He will work with his dad, because grown ups work, but he will not get married because he doesn't want to leave his house. Macy has been delegated to get married and have kids, because Jack would like to be an Uncle.

6. I love that he still likes to snuggle his momma. He is free with his kisses and still tries to climb up onto my lap. His long, lanky legs are getting harder to fold underneath him as he tries to snuggle down into my lap, but he makes a valiant effort. I hope he always wants to have some snuggle time with me.

There are thousands more things that I love about this first born boy of mine, but today, on his very special 6th birthday, I will leave you with just a taste.

We love you so much and look forward to all that in store for you for this year!

Happy 4th of July, everyone!

* In the theme of numbers, this 4th of July is also the first one without my Grandma. Over 40 people will gather at her house today, like we always did, and celebrate together. She would have loved it.

This is also the 5th year that Grandpa Jack has been gone. My son's namesake is still dear in our hearts and will always be remembered. He is greatly missed. My Jack is so much like his own Great Grandpa Jack and that makes me happy to think about!

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