Monday, July 7, 2014

The day we went to the beach...but forgot our swimsuits...

 Before the celebrations of the 4th of July and Jack's 6th birthday, we decided to join my family and head to Lake Michigan and enjoy a day at the beach.

The weather was forecasted to be cooler than normal and I packed loads of layers.
And no swimsuits.
I had shorts and long sleeve shirts, pants and sweatshirts.
But no actual swim wear.


It did not, however, stop my boys and they jumped right in.
Quite literally

 Beach baby doesn't like her sun hat. Or any hat. Or bow. Or headband.

Lake Michigan. So beautiful.

Handsome hubby.

Of course Colin would find a stick in the water. The boy can find a stick anywhere.

Building in the sand, regardless of attire.

"Ahhh. I am just relaxing here, Mom."

Colin bird nest.

Macy and my Dad playing in the sand. She loved to grab big handfuls and let the sand pour through her fingers.

Colin birds like to be buried in the sand.

However, my sister remembered my niece's cute tutu suit!

Even though forgetfulness and lack of communication left us without the most basic beach apparel, it was still such a fun day. We loved spending time at the beach, walking the boardwalk in Grand Haven and getting some ice cream and pizza at the end of the day.

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