Saturday, September 27, 2014

Firsts of Fall...

We jumped from summer and vacation into school and fall activities at full force.

Zero to 100 mph in a day.

It was crazy.

On September 2nd, Colin started his first day at preschool. 

Jack started his first day of First grade! 

Not only did they both start school, but they both started soccer! Our Saturdays are now filled with  cleats, shin guards and jerseys.  Colin plays on a co-ed preschool team, while Jack is on one of the boys' First grade teams.

Both the boys ended up being number 29! They are having so much fun playing. Colin absolutely loves it and will run and laugh and smile the whole time, regardless of what position he is playing or if he is winning or losing. Jack enjoys defense and taking big kicks up the field.

It's a whole new world now. School and sports with two little guys. It keeps us busy and we are just starting to get a rhythm now.

One thing I know for sure...

There are many soccer games in this little lady's horizon. Many a game...

Happy first week of fall!

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