Thursday, May 28, 2015

Lost & Found

Missing: Baby

A brown- eyed girl who loves to give kisses and snuggles. Calls her brother Boo Boo and her daddy, Daddin. Little Momma to all that come into her house.

Chubby little belly with roly little thighs and sweet cheeks.

Sings "Happy Birthday" with gusto and with an added " cha-cha-cha".

Takes two naps a day.

Eats all her dinner.

Found: Toddler

A little lady who has to wear hair clips or pigtails or else her bangs will go directly into her nose and stick to her face.

Favorite words: Mine. Why? Mine. Why? NO. Mine. Why? NO. Mine. Why?

Naps, optional.

Sharing, also optional.

Stolen toys, ripped Pokemon cards and giggles.

Running away in an open space, no matter where, which is her.

Sings " Oh, Baby, Baby" from Salt N Peppa's "Push It" thanks to the Geico commercial. It is actually hilarious, and slightly embarrassing when belted out in Target.

Eater of snacks, not dinner, and only half of the said snack.

Decidedly independent.

I seem to have lost my baby.  However, I have found a toddler. If anyone can tell me how this happens, I am all ears.* The toddler is cute and funny and loving and, I guess we will keep the toddler.

*I actually know how it happens. I  keep telling those kids to stop growing up and they never listen. Time stops for no man, or matter what you do.

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