Thursday, September 17, 2015

Turning Two

Dear Macy,

Today you are two. Sometimes it seems like just yesterday that you blasted your way into the world. Sometimes it feels like you are so much older, like you have always been here with us.

You make us laugh every single day. Every night your dad laughs and marvels at the personality that keeps coming through.

You are so silly and love to make jokes and tease your brothers. You like to dance and shake your little hips anytime you hear music. You like to pick on your brothers and do whatever they do. You always want to be included and yell "and Macy, and Macy" for anything that your brothers are doing.

You are our little parrot and repeat everything you hear. If it is not appropriate, your brothers laugh and laugh and you keep repeating whatever you are not supposed to say, hoping for more laughter.

You love your baby and your purse. They come with us everywhere. Every day we get ready to pick up Colin and you bring baby and your purse with you. Into the store, into the school, to soccer practice, they come with you everywhere, usually accompanied by a necklace or sunglasses of sorts.

You like to rock and sing to your baby, putting her to bed like a good little momma. You like to play with my purses,  carrying them everywhere, waving good bye and telling everyone that you are leaving when you exit the room and than come back in and let everyone know you are back.

Your vocabulary is growing by leaps and bounds every day. You say full, complicated sentences all the time. We are continually amazed at your descriptive words and observations. You always want to know what the sound is and where it is coming from.

You are sweet and kind and beautiful and I could not be more proud to be your mother. I don't think your dad will every let you date, as he does not believe there could possibly be any boy that would be good enough for his girl. He loves you fiercely.

So, today, on your second birthday, your dad and I can't wait to snuggle and kiss you and let you know how much you are loved. Your brothers can't wait to eat your birthday cake. You, my little Macy Lu, have brought us so much joy. I am excited to see you grow, to watch your thoughts and ideas unfold and to see how the Lord uses your dynamic life.

Happy Birthday, my Macy girl. As you would say, (which is my very most favorite sentence, by the way) I love you SOOOO MUCH!


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