Monday, August 31, 2015

Fading Away

The slow, easy days of summer are slowly slipping away. September starts tomorrow and with it, cooler weather, falling leaves and the start of school. 

Summer is fading away.

But yet...

The memories of bright sun, warm rays and easy days are still fresh in mind.

A family canoe trip.

 A high school reunion, fifteen years in the making.

The Atlantic whispering a friendly hello, it's nice to see you again.

Pretty dirty faced babies swinging into the evening.

Fires so warm, protection from your hand is needed.
S'mores so sweet they stick to your hands long after consumption.

Determination to make it across the bar without falling.

Celebrations of little boys turning one.

Glimpses into the future of what this little man will look like.

Tiny flowers being held by up by brown-eyed girls.

Giggly brothers, taking a ride on their little sister's newly given Big Wheel.

These are the moments of summer.

These are the moments that will be remembered as the leaves begin the fall, the air turns crisp and the sun sets early.

These fading days of summer always seem the very sweetest of all.

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