Sunday, November 18, 2007

The little peanut

We went to our first OB appointment on Tuesday. We are going to a doctor's office that has two drs, two midwives and a few nurse practitioners. The midwives will be delivering the baby unless there are any slight complications, and than one of the drs will be on hand. It is really a great set up. I will have the benefits of a midwife with the safety of a doctor.
When we arrived at the Dr's office, we were the only couple in the waiting room. I felt kinda bad for the other ladies that did not have anyone with them. The nurse who took my blood pressure/vitals told Ryan that we would have a beautiful baby. She said she could tell from just looking at the two of us. I hope that is true!
We sat down with one of the nurse practitioner and went over all the questions we had. She told me that i was only 6 weeks and 4 days along, not 7 weeks and 4 days that the website had told me. Man, i did not want to still be in my sixth week! my due date is still the same, but i thought i was a week closer to getting out of this first trimester sickness stuff!
The nurse said that she might be able to squeeze us into the ultrasound room to see if we could see the baby's heart beat. She warned us that i am very early along and that they may not be able to see the baby at all. Since i am so early in my pregnancy, i was going to have to have a vaginal ultrasound.
We were able to get in to the ultrasound room. Ryan was able to watch the monitor while she tried to locate the little baby. She did notice that my bladder was about to burst. Ryan said that it looked the same when she said she saw my bladder and when she just started out. He thought for sure we would never be able to see the baby. She was able to find the baby and the yoke sac! We were able to see the baby's heartbeat. It literally shook the whole tiny little body! The baby looks more like worm on the ultrasound, but we were able to see it and we were able to see the heart beating. It was so amazing! Ryan got so excited! He was happy before, but once he saw his "little peanut" he was ecstatic! He kept staring at our ultrasound picture and talking to the baby!
The drs were very happy to find out that we saw the heartbeat. It is a great sign. We have a 90% chance of keeping the baby full term when you see a heartbeat. It is so crazy to see the little heart beating and know that it is inside of you growing and becoming more and more like a baby everyday.
Today the baby is developing brain cells at about a 100 cells a minute. Ryan is praying that the baby develops extra and is extra smart! The baby's little tiny limbs will start to sprout soon.
It is amazing how life develops so fast. We are very excited to meet our little peanut!


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I'm so excited to meet your little peanut!! Will you bring him or her to Spain to see Auntie Crystal?!
Thanks for doing the know I'll read it!