Thursday, November 13, 2008

Script time

It is time for another round of scripts to be written for work. We write 13 episodes 4 times a year. Those 13 scripts are than sent all over the world and translated into whatever language that is needed. Some of the locations just use a part of the scripts, some translate word for word. So, the five scripts that i wrote this week will be translated word for word (well, as close as possible) into French, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, German and Khmer(cambodian). It will also be used in part in Cantonese and Mandarin Chinese. It is pretty cool when you sit down to think about it. People all over the world will be able to learn a little more about God's love and attributes of the christian life from the scripts that i am writing this week. It makes it much easier to sit up alone at 1am writing scripts, when i could be getting some sleep. I am REALLY thankful that i can work from home and still be with Jack and still produce. Sometimes i get a bit stressed, but it really is a huge blessing.
Check out our website, If you are from good ol' NCU, you might recognize a few faces. I shot and produced 3 My World's in Minneapolis a year ago. Aaron Smith, Justin Vagle and Dave Skahen had their stories done.

On a cute baby alert side note... Little man can now roll! He can go from belly to back and back to belly. He has done them both consecutively, which, in my book, equals a roll! Luckily for me, he does it on his playmate, and can't seem to get past the four foam posts, so he bounces around between them and doesnt get too far away.

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