Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Birthday!

My sweet baby boy is ONE!! Where did the time go?! It seems like yesterday that i was staring at this little peanut face that was sleeping so sweetly in my arms for the first time. How that cute face has grown. From the first smile, to the first pout, to a mouth full of teething grinning back to me,that little face has been my pride and joy. I am so happy you came into our life, one year ago today and i can't wait to see what an amazing little boy you will become. I love you, my son, always and forever.


John and Sarah Clore said...

happy birthday stud! so glad you're here!

Crystal Leigh said...

Wow, it is so amazing and beautiful how much babies change!! Jack was just a little peanut. Now he looks like a little man. He's adorable. I wait for the day I get to hold and kiss him! Congrats mom and dad on making a precious boy. I think you're good parents. Way to be!