Thursday, July 23, 2009


I am have been doing this thing called "Mommy" for a full year now. I would never dare say that i figured it out. I have learned a thing or two, but i know i have LOTS to learn. Each season and age, Jack has new tricks, new ideas and new lessons that he teaches me. Somethings have changed, some remain the same, and his little personality increase at a daily rate. Personality and will that is... Here is some of the good, the bad, and the ugly.

~ Jack is walking! Yep, walking. He toddles around the house like he is big stuff now.

~ Jack likes his accessories. That is right, i said accessories. We have this little plastic links bag half full of links that he carries on his shoulder He puts it on multiple times a day and walks around the house with it. He also likes to place things over his shoulders. We have a few cat toys with a string and mouse hanging at the end. Those go over the shoulder and he walks around. Anything will do though. Monitor and cord, game controls. This habit is not my favorite. I make sure it is never actually wrapped AROUND his neck and he is closely monitored. I have taken this off so many times, yet it never matters. Around the shoulders they go.*

~ My eat anything from a baby food jar and reject all table food baby is now rejecting his baby food and leaving this momma at a loss of what to feed him... What do 1 yr olds eat anyway?

~ At his 12 month appt, he weighed in at a whoppin 18lbs 140z. 5% for weight, 80% for height. The issue? No idea. The kid eats, a LOT! Well, that was till he decided he was too cool for baby food, thus the panic of "Is he eating enough?!"

~ He still nurses 4 times a day. No interest in NOT nursing. I still get up with him around 5am to nurse. Is that normal? Who knows. He will only sleep 8-9 hrs before he eats. There is no 20 min crying for this little guy. He goes on and on and on till he is feed. I promise.

~ He is my little chatterbox these days. His vocabulary has grown from Mama and Daddy, to Osc (the cat), this, that, well more like "dis" and "dat" and shoes. He likes shoes. I have no idea where he got that from ;) He talks all the time, i just have not yet been able to translate it...

~ I have successfully gotten him into a good two nap schedule and been on it for awhile. This is a big deal for my "I never want to sleep" baby. Count your napping blessings if your child never gave you any issues on that. Count them.

~ Jack now cries when i leave him in the nursery. Not too sure if i am o.k. with that. My oh so social child now realizes that i am Mommy and realizes when i leave. That is a good. The crying. Not fun at all. He is now getting a little bit shy with strangers, a little tiny bit.

~ Jack has mastered the sign " All Done". He ignores the rest, but uses "all done" for everything. Done eating? All done. Tired of the carseat? All done. Done with being in the shopping cart with mom? All done? I'm singing a song to him and he is over it? All done.

~ I love love love making Jack laugh. He laughs so hard and it is so cute. It really is a highlight to my entire day. It is priceless.

~ I love little things about Jack. I love how he is so expressive. His little face tells a million stories. I love his little baby belly that sticks out, even when the rest of him is little. I love when i pick him up, he puts his arm around my neck and twirls my hair. I like when he kisses the puppies in his books, but especially love when he kisses me! I love his Eskimo kisses. Let's me honest, i love everything about him!

Mommyhood is a wonderful, challenging thing. A friend asked my husband if having a kid was like getting a second job. Silly single boy. Having a child is like getting a full time, part time and overnight job. But it is the greatest, most rewarding and fulling job i have ever had!

Here is my littel guy walking around with his man-bag and his cat toy...silly baby.

*Jack loves his trucks, cars and balls and is very very boy. His man bag and shoes collection are quite manly as well :)

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McClain's said...

enjoyed reading your blog on mommyhood! Jack is funny with his man purse but so cute! One day you can embarrass him in front of his girlfriends with that one.

the whole feeding thing can be tricky. Just try several differnt foods. Just because you or Ryan doesn't like it doesn't mean Jack won't. :) I have to remind myself of that too with Grace.