Friday, January 15, 2010

And I am off...

To Nashville.


For a night.

For work.

I will be back tomorrow night, just in time for the big game. It will be the first time it is just Ryan and Jack overnight...should be interesting!

It is just a quick little work trip, barely 24 hours long, but I am looking forward to a little tiny break! I will actually fly on a plane without a carseat, stroller, diaper bag, squirming toddler or luggage. I will actually be able to read a book, flip through a magazine and, if I get a little crazy, drink some Starbucks. Crazy. I will actually be able to fly like 95% of the world. Amazing.

Off I go...


McClain's said...

How did Ryan and Jack do without mommy overnight?

Open Kitchen Concept said...

I'm a Christian in Singapore and was just clicking on "Next Blog" when I came across yours. I'm so inspired by what you wrote about yourself in the "About Me" section - Godly mother and all.. wow. :) Nice reading your blog!