Monday, January 11, 2010

Dear Lenni

Dear Lenni,

You are probably wondering why we are calling you "Lenni". When your dad and I first found out that I was pregnant with you, we were checking out What To and they said that you were the size of a lentil! Ryan(Dad) said that we had a little Lenni the Lentil...and the name just sort of stuck. You will find out that nicknames are very odd in this family.Well, you are no longer the size of a lentil, you are the size of a plum now, but your Dad and I still refer to you as "Lenni".

Well, Lenni let's ease up on Mom soon, alright? We are dancing around that second trimester line and it is time to stop with this 8pm-12am nausea stuff. Let's get that placenta in place and stop with the sick part. Your brother is very active all day and he goes to sleep around 8:30pm. Let's not make mom sick when she has LOTS to do after Jack is sleeping. Dad has been great and helping with the cleaning and the dishes while I am out sick. Maybe we can figure something out to have Dad still do the dishes and you not make me feel so tired and sick. Sound like a plan?

Since you are now a plum size you are starting make my clothes just a bit uncomfortable. It is happening a lot earlier than your brother. Jack decided to lay horizontal instead of vertical when i was carrying him, so he made lots of extra room just for you!

We love you so much already and we will get to see a sneak peak of you again this week! Jack is very excited to be a big brother as well.

See you in a few days!



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Crystal Leigh said...

oh man....stop with the super cute mommy letters to baby. it's killing me over here in spain. i mean...i just really first want to meet big bro jack, hang out with sexy momma fedell and say hola to daddy ryan. okay, keep writing them. i'll read. ;)

Laura said...

You make me cry.