Friday, April 9, 2010

The Daultons

Most Sundays when you pull into the kid's cove parking area at New Life Providence church you will see a bright orange cone reserving a single spot at the corner. Sometimes you will see a conversion van pulling into that spot, filled with kids. What you don't expect to see is who comes piling out. Two late 50 year old parents, the man with a big bushy mustache and friendly smile and the mom, gathering and holding onto the kids coming out may not be such a surprise, but the kids are. They are all between the age of 26 and 11 years old. There are 7 of them. 3 of them are 13 years old. They are all laughing and yelling and racing towards the door. They are bright and bubbly and all of them have Down Syndrome.

I have attended New Life for 3 years and noticed this family many times. The older kids watch out for the younger kids. They are mischievous and friendly. The youngest girl randomly came up to me one Sunday, hugged me and told me her mom was down the hall and than she left. We had never meet, but I was waiting in the hall for Ryan and she must have thought that i needed a hug and she wanted me to know her mom was just around the corner. I have wondered about this family. The love that the parents have for these kids is visible. They will get loud at times, but the father is ever patient and kind. It is truly touching to watch him interact with his kids. You can't help but smile when you see the Daultons come into church.

All 9 of them live in a small house. Extreme Home Makeover is considering them for their show. I can not think of a family more deserving. Here is the synopsis that is on their facebook fan page describing the family:

All supporters of the Daulton family getting Extreme Home Makeover to re-do their home! The Daultons have 12 children, 5 "homegrown" and 7 adopted. One of their birth children and all 7 adopted children have Down Syndrome, including Emily from Ethiopia and Jack, Philip, and Anya from Ukraine. They have been involved in their community for years, starting the local Compassionate Friends Chapter and running it for 18 years. They are also active in Special Olympics, Down Syndrome support groups, and promoting adoptions, particularly of children with Down Syndrome and other disabilities. They work with orphanages in Ukraine, helping people adopt children and also organizing short term missions trips. The names and ages of the members of the Daulton Family currently living in the home are:

1. Dave Daulton, age 56
2. Janie Daulton, age 58
3. Tommy Daulton, age 26
4. Ben Daulton, age 20
5. Emily Daulton, age 15
6. Philip Daulton, age 13
7. Jack Daulton, age 13
8. Lani Daulton, age 13, and
9. Anya Daulton, age 11

Go to the their facebook page, become a fan, and while you are there, check out those pictures! Tell your friends and family to do the same. I can only imagine the testimony they would share on national television! The more fans they have, the more support they get, the more that ABC will consider them for the show. Become a fan today!!/group.php?gid=109428552418856&ref=nf

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