Wednesday, April 21, 2010


It is nice to travel.

It is nice to be home.

It was nice to visit my old "home" of Minneapolis after 3 long years.

It is not nice to miss a flight by 5 minutes, stare at the plane still sitting at the gate and realize that you have to spend another night in a hotel with a very, very tired 21 month old. Five hours of sleep is not enough for little boys. It causes hysterics on the 7am flight home the next morning.

We are getting a new home.

We close on our house on the 30th and move the next day.

I have a week and a half to pack my entire house. with a toddler. who likes to help. alot.

I am excited about the new spacious (for us) house and even more excited about the HUGE fenced in backyard complete with play set.

Packing does not make me excited.

My belly is getting pretty dominate. Should make for some interesting moving habits.

Maybe this moving will burn off all this candy that I can't seem to stop eating. How did this stuff get into my house? I should probably pack that up first.

I am still glad to be home.

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