Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Over the river and through the woods...

...to Grandmother's house we go...

Grandma has the perfect house. Warm and cozy, bright and cheery and perfectly comfortable all at the same time.

Everyone likes to go to Grandma's...even the littlest one.

Eight year old relatives take the hands of their two year old counterparts to venture down the hill to the river's edge.

Another game of 'Ring Around the Rosies' is a must on the deck.

The fishing boat is ready to go.

The old fishing boat is not. It rests happily next to the shed and the wild flowers.

Careful steps take you back up to the house.

Brothers and Daddies greet you at the top of hill.

After a nice long day you can cuddle up with your Grandma and sippy cup and stare at the warm fire.
Warm fires, green woods, murky waters lined with white swans and lots of good food is what you get at my Grandma's house.
Just one of my favorite things about being home in Michigan.


Mrs. B. said...

I love this. Those pics are gorgeous. It looks like a perfect grandma's house. :)

Andrea said...

I left you a little award on my blog tonight! :)

Dan said...

Wow what part of the state is that? Looks fantastic! Thinking about moving to Virginia and heard there are homes for sale in Norfolk. What do you think?