Thursday, September 23, 2010


I've got two now.

Two babies.

Two boys.

Twice the diapers.

Twice the laundry.

Twice the kisses and twice the hugging to give.

Twice the praying.

Twice the tears.

Time that goes by twice as fast and boys that seem to grow twice as big.

I take less showers, get less sleep and my house is twice as messy.

It takes my twice as long to get out of the house with double the amount to pack.

Two car seats are parked in the back of my car and a stroller that is now a double.

But life that has gone from one boy to two has doubled in all of its pleasures.

Double the love pours from my heart as I kiss two sweet sleeping boys.

Double the smiles to brighten my day as I clean up spit up and spills.

Double the laughter ringing through the house as one boy begins to laugh at another.

The joy in my boys grows twice as strong, as my alone quiet time becomes twice as sweet.

My home has been taken over with double the trouble, the right kind of trouble you don't want to live without.

These are my boys, my sweet handsome boys.

And I am the mother of two.

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