Sunday, December 26, 2010


~ We arrived in Michigan on the 18th of December. We flew and my boys were PERFECT. The first leg of our flight we did not have to tell Jack "No" once. That doesn't happen at home. They were so great traveling.

~ There is more snow in VA right now than there is in Michigan. Kinda funny. We have had clean, clear roads and snow on the ground. Perfect.

~ I got one of the last pair of heels in my size in the country with well over $100 off at Anthropologie. They arrived in 2 days. They are glorious. Early Merry Christmas to me.

~ Christmas day was spent on the go to 3 different Christmas gatherings. My boys napped a total of 25 minutes and were up from 8am to 11pm. They both were happy and cheerful the whole time.

~ They both have been sleeping all day.

~ It is good to be home.

~ I took pictures for our "Day in December" on Christmas day. Figured I would like to look back at all the craziness.

~ I hope that everyone enjoyed their Christmas and remembering the reason why we all get together.

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Jamie Willow said...

such cute shoes! and a great deal which is awesome!

sounds like you enjoyed your good!