Saturday, December 4, 2010


My trusty little white Ford Escort has been rejected.
It is a sad day.

This little 1998 was my very first car. I purchased it myself and paid for it with my tips from waitressing during college. I paid $6,000 for it with only 18,000 miles.
I drove it from Michigan to college in Minnesota. I drove it from Minnesota to my internship in Virginia Beach, Va and back again.
It has made numerous 10 hour treks from MN to MI.
It made one final trip from MN to VA.

It was here in VA that it was labled. It was inspected.
Every car in VA must be inspected and pass every single year.
The little date stickers on the front windshield tell the month and year of the last inspection.
It is stupid.
You have to get it inspected and you have to fix whatever they tell you to do.
No questions asked.

So my trusty little car that just kept on keeping on failed.
Something about rust in the under body due to driving in those northern state.
Repairs places highly recommended NOT fixing it.
They wouldn't.
So, my sad little car was rejected.
It ran just fine...but it failed the inspection.
The white sticker just out there for all the world to see.

So, today, we are saying good bye to my first little car and saying hello to a new (used) car.
Hubby is picking the new car up now.

Hubby has been faithfully driving our no car payment for the past 3 years car around town.
He is now going to drive a new to us 2007 Ford Fusion.
It is pretty sexy.
If Ford Fusions can be sexy, this black little car is.

So, good bye my little faithful friend. You served me well.
I am sorry you were rejected.

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