Tuesday, December 14, 2010

...these are a few of my favorite things...

While raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens are nice and all...these are some of my favorite things.

With a few more shopping days left, I can wholeheartedly recommend these products!

Hanna Andresson. I love Hanna. They are a Swedish children's store with SUPERB quality. These clothes live a life of their own. I am particularly in love with their stripey pj's. They are thick, bright colored and remain their shape and color after YEARS worth of washing. I bought a pair for Jack, one size up, over a year ago and he still wears them and they look brand new. Colin is also going to rock these puppies...and any other future children. I get mine at the outlet mall closes to me, but they are so so great. Get them.

Umm. I am pretty much obsessed with anything Anthropologie. I have figured out their sales cycles (with help from some lovely blogs) and know when to buy their stuff 75% off. I plan vacations around their store locations. My husband thinks I am crazy. Just go browse their website for fun. I will be. I will be stalking this and this and these and....

 Alright, fine. I don't own a KitchenAid mixer. But I will. Someday.  My $10 hand mixer from my freshman year in college is dying, slowly. Once it has taken it's last breathe, it will be time for a big girl mixer. And I will love it.

I really like Sally Hansen's Complete Salon Manicure nail polish. You don't need a base or top coat with this polish and it stays on without chipping for awhile. When I actually have time to paint my nails, this is what I prefer to save me time...and it is reasonably priced.

I really love my Canon Rebel. It is easy to use, takes great pictures and the perfect introduction into the world of DSLRs. You can keep this guy on Auto and get great pictures, or you can practice your skills in the manual mode. I need to flip mine over to manual more often.

This little guy is a life-saver. It is THE best toy I have ever bought. Honest. Yes, it is slightly scary. Yes, it is ugly. But both my boys ADORED it. Jack loved it well into his first year and it held up after lots of use and abuse. Now, it is Colin's favorite. It is really the perfect toy. Lots of colors, textures, noises and loops and holes to figure out. I can not recommend it enough. It occupied Jack for hours and now Colin loves it and plays with it forever. Whoozie, as he is called in our household, accompanies us everywhere. In fact, Jack just looked over my shoulder while I am typing this and said, " Oh! It is Whoozie! I love Whoozie." No lie. Greatest baby toy ever.

What are your favorite things?

Here are a few other blogger's favs...


Andrea said...

I like this list! :)

I love my kitchen aid mixer! it's the best, you should def. get one. I got mine at a black friday sale the year after we got married!

Mrs. B. said...

Perfect list.
Some of those things should have made an appearance on my list because they truly are my favorites.
Hanna - best kid's store ever.
KitchenAid - all time favorite appliance.
Anthro - you know how I feel.
Yes yes yes.