Monday, November 29, 2010

A Day in November

November 27, 2010

This Saturday was a lazy Saturday. We had nothing planned. We did nothing. It was wonderful.

We ventured out to the mall on Black Friday night, so were out past bedtime. Jack decided to not go to sleep till after 11pm. SO... this Saturday morning, we slept in.

Jack and Ryan stayed in bed till 8:30 p.m. Colin and I slept till after 9am! Granted, we were both up around 5 am for a nursing session... but it felt almost luxurious to sleep past 9 a.m.

My little man is so stinkin' happy in the morning.

He is totally rocking his "man-bag" as well.

Daddy and Jack headed to the gym, while I made some coffee and had some breakfast.

Colin was fascinated with the Wheat Thins box. He seriously played with that thing for a solid 10 minutes. That is hours in baby time.

Of course, what do you do with Wheat Thins? Why you eat them of course!

Dishes were done, babies were fed and my boys came home from the gym.

My sweet boy brought me a present. He is sweet. I have a crush on him, too.

While Ryan and Jack played outside and the baby napped... I did this...

Baby napped for 15 minutes.

15 pitiful minutes.

At least he looks like this when he wakes up...

So, we nursed and Jack went down for a nap.
( Yes, his finger is in his nose. Just capturing some real life here, folks)

After Colin decided to puke through another whole outfit, he was changed and FINALLY went down for a nap. Both boys napped at the same time for a glorious hour. I don't remember what I did during that time. I probably cleaned.

After naptimes, we attempted to take family pictures for our Christmas card. It was just us, our tripod, camera and a quickly falling sun. We had about 20 minutes of light left to get some pictures.

It was... interesting.

Jack was charming and always takes good pictures.

Colin puked all over everything. Again. We will definitely be talking to the Dr. this week about the amount of spit up this kid projects.
Smiling cute baby in the viewfinder. Click!
The actual real life picture.

We had some hits, but mostly misses.

After some dinner we finally put up the remaining wall decals for Jack's room. We put in a huge 6ft African safari type tree on one of the walls and decided to finish it up with the monkey and the giraffe.

Jack approved.

Up next, the giraffe. We had a bit of a problem with the decal, but after some minor repair surgery on the sticker, it looked good as new.

Colin turned 4 months old and I needed to take some picture by his elephant before bedtime.

He wouldn't stay still. He thought it was funny to keep sliding down.

Super funny.

With Jack finally in bed for the night, we made some carmel apples and enjoyed our first holiday movie of the season. Ryan scored the movie for $3.99 on a black Friday special. Everyone needs to have 'Elf' in their holiday reserves. Everyone.

Colin hung out in his baby snuggie for a bit before bedtime. He was actually in bed before midnight. Success!
(It is not an actual snuggie. It is a sleep sack. BUT I am sure they would make a snuggie for babies. They make snuggies for dogs. I despise snuggies.)

And that was our non active, lazy, laid back Saturday. They are few and far in between and I loved it!

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Jamie Willow said...

love the zoo animals! what a cute idea!

your kids are adorable. those smiles...steal your heart!

yay for laid back saturdays!

Mrs. B. said...

Those are the CUTEST wall decals. So great!
Cracking up at the "man sack."
And the hilarious spit up pic. Oy vey.

Your boys are too stinkin' cute. I can't believe the little man is 4 months! What?!

Tanya (a Taste of T) said...

What a cutie