Thursday, November 18, 2010

Must Reads

I love to read. I always have. When I was a young girl, I would chose to curl up with a book while my siblings would prefer to play outside. I have a problem though. I get engrossed. Really. I start a book and I can not put it down till it is finished. That is a problem, you see, cause I am married. I have children. I have a house to maintain. Reading every spare second I get does not bode well for the rest of the household. I realize that this is a season in my life, and so, I have chosen to not pick up any fiction novels for awhile. Non-fiction is a different story. It takes me forever to finish that stuff.

So, in order to fulfill my reading fix, I read blogs. It is the perfect amount of words. I usually read blogs while I am nursing Colin, as it is easy to handle the computer and Colin takes FOREVER to nurse. He milks it for all it is worth. Ha! ;)

Since I read a lot of blogs, I thought I would share the few top favorites of mine. I tend to read a lot of fashion blogs over anything else. I have thought about starting a fashion type blog for awhile now, but, again, this is not a season in my life to do that. I am sure that most people would  not want to see spit and peanut butter and jelly kisses marks on clothing...

So, grab some coffee and check out these blogs!
(in no particular order)

A Cup of Jo ~ A New York mommy who always has fun little photos and products to check out from all over the world. I really loved this post! She is so brave!

Cupcakes and Cashmere~ Everything that Emily posts on this blog is beautiful, effortless and well-done. She makes everything look easy. You want to hate her but you can't. You just want to be her friend.

In Pursuit of Pretty Things ~ Best friends Carol and Kathryn show off their outfits and their funny side in this light- hearted blog. Another group of people that you wish were your friends too.

She's Star-Crossed ~ Mrs. B is the best mom ever. She makes great homemade food for her kiddos, has the cutest kitchen and you should just see how cute her kid's rooms are. Plus she is funny, so check her out. You will want to live in her pretty pictures.

The Girliest Boy Mom~ Another fashion/Anthropologie blogger. Except that she is hilarious and has funny stories about her boys and hubby.

Clothed Much~ She is a recent find. I really like her quirky comments. Plus she wears clothes that I can normally afford!

The Daybook ~ Another new find and I love this little blog. Great photos and funny dialogues. She makes me miss my just married, before babies and life got CRAZY married life. Reading her blog made me go and kiss my hubby. Must be a worthy read if I want to kiss my Hubby after reading a fashion blog.

So, in my spit up and pb and j kisses stained clothes, I will read these blogs and enjoy them.
These are just a smidgen, but a worthwhile sampling for all.

What are some of your favorite blogs?

Let me know!

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Mrs. B. said...

Thank you. Thank you thank you. :) I love Cupcakes & Cashmere and Cup of Jo but I haven't read any of these others. Will have to go check them out!