Friday, November 5, 2010

Day Off

I need a day off.

From everything.

Butt wiping.
Dish washing.
Dinner making.
Tear wiping.
Laundry folding.
Spit up cleaning.
Time out giving.
Diaper changing.

Time off.

Time away.

Time to myself.

Mommy needs a break.

Since a full day off it impossible, I am going to take a few hours to myself tomorrow. Alone.

I may go to Barnes and Noble to read with a piping cup of coffee in my hand.

I may sloowwly browse the mall and savor walking...with out a stroller.

I may browse some thrift stores to look for some hidden treasure.

The fact that I have a choice that does not include infant/toddler schedules is almost too delicious.

I really need a break.

Now, I just need to decided what I want to do tomorrow...

Those are sweet dreams.

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