Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Mr. 3 Month

Colin turned 3 months old last week. I feel like he went to bed one night as my newborn and woke up as a baby, all big and alert and active.

He is my happy little guy. He always has a smile for me and everyone else around him. He laughs at his brother all the time. He loves to hear his Daddy's voice and gets really excited.
He is a pro at tummy time and rolls over from his belly to his back when he gets sick of being on his stomach.
I can no longer leave him on the couch, as he is this close to rolling over from back to belly.
He loves his play mat and can now grab anything in site and play with it. He loves to kick and will scoot himself into the wall with his little kicks.
He is my active guy.

Dramatic baby pose

Colin sleeps only in the morning (think 1am-10am ish) and is not the biggest fan of naps. He does take one nap a day that is longer than little cat naps, thankfully.

He is opinionated about his food. He will let you know he is hungry and you have a few minutes to answer him...than it is mad face time. Mommy is rushing to finish something up and misses the mad face cue?
Watch out! Angry, screaming baby emerges. 3 seconds into that feeding? Smiling while nursing guy.

Big brother Jack, a budding photographer with his Elmo camera, decided to join in the photo shoot as well. He got some great shots, especially with his camera facing him.

I am excited to see the relationship develop between these two.

My Colin is so sweet and such a joy.
I am slightly mourning the rapid growth of my little baby, but am excited to see him develop and change.
We just love him.

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