Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Day in October

October 29, 2010

A Day in October

My day technically started at 4:45am this morning when the littlest boy got up to eat. He is my little night owl and will stay up till midnight or later and than sleep till late in the morning. Trying to break that little habit. Trying. Mommy can't go to bed till baby does.

So, on good days when the Hubby has meetings and can leave later, I get to sleep in till he leaves. He takes care of Jack in the morning till I am up. This morning I got to sleep in till 8:30ish. It was wonderful.
I came out into the living room to find this little boy in his striped pajamas with his blankie and monkey still waking up.

( On an entirely different note. The Boy in the Striped Pajamas movie. The most heart wrenching, tragic, beautiful movie I have ever seen. It will haunt you. It will make you re-evaluate humanity and your place in it. It will make you fight to stop anything like that from ever happening again. Watch it...with this warning and a box of tissues.)

Hubby also won lots of bonus points for making coffee. I love waking up and having the coffee already brewed and waiting.

While I drank my coffee and ate my breakfast, Jack colored.

His favorite thing to do is to have me draw whatever animal/thing he wants. I can not draw. Anything. This kid does not want simple stick people. He wants triceratops and elephants and zebras. He wants me to draw all of his friends. It is a very good thing that only my 2 yr old views these drawings. It is also a very good thing that he is not that picky.

After some play time and coloring time, my little happy baby decided to rouse from his slumber.

( Husband is making me move baby into his crib on Monday. In another room. Sob.)

After nursing little one while watching Sesame Street  with the bigger one, we decided to get dressed and go on a walk.

It was a beautiful 64 degrees and sunny. The day before had been humid, muggy and 84 degrees. I was MUCH happier with this weather. Colin agreed. He was excited to wear his new Hanna hat again. Well, maybe not SO excited, but mom was.

This one. This one had to be bribed to get in the stroller and go on a walk. He wanted to see animals. He wanted to see doggies and kitties and pumpkins and elephants and birdies and giraffes and zebras. I was able to supply the birdies and the pumpkins and one lone little doggies. It worked. Barely.

After our walk, it was lunch time. "Moovies" was the request and since I was out of most of my frozen fruit, we made a peanut butter banana smoothie. It turned out pretty good. Jack had to help.

We ate our lunch and our smoothies while Colin kicked around next to us. He decided to fill his pants to exploding while we ate. He was quite pleased with himself. Quite pleased.

After changing and clean up his dominate blow out and than cleaning up the floor and Jack after he decided to spill most of his smoothie down the front of him, I let the boys play before nap time. Colin LOVES his play mat and will happily kick and coo for hours. This little video is what a typical day looks and sounds like. Notice how many times I say "gentle" in a 90 second time period. "Gentle" may have replaced "no" for my most used word of the day.

Jack loves loves to read. These were his books of choice for nap time.

After Jack went down for his nap, it was nurse time again.
Instead of another millionth nursing picture, here is Colin post nursing. I just think his face is funny in this it is getting posted.

After an unsuccessful attempt to get my non-nap taking baby to sleep, I made pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese frosting to take to a co-birthday celebration with good friends. I may have watched the season finale of Project Runway while I baked.

The finished product.

Next was some more nursing for these little piggies...

...while this little one talked on the phone to his daddy, anxiously asking him to come home soon. He was ready to go see his friends for our evening celebrations.

And this is the section where I failed to take pictures. I had every intention and lugged my DSLR with me, but it just didn't happen. The original plan was to celebrate October birthdays with a group of friends that are like our family here in Virginia. We celebrate Thanksgiving with them every year. The host are expecting twins to add to their brood of 5. That is right, number 6 and number 7. Twins. Well, the momma is 32 weeks and was unexpectedly sent to the hospital with high blood pressure. So, the ladies went to the hospital to cheer her up while the boys stayed home with the kids and played video games.
Needless to say, it was a very late night. The guys did not put the kids to bed and we talked much longer than we thought. Poor Jack was exhausted and up WAY WAY past his bedtime.

When I finally went to bed around 1am, this is the last picture I took.

Sometimes little boys and daddies are just too tired to make it to bed...

And that was our day in October.

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Freedom River Ministries said...

This was absolutely precious! Thanks for chronicling and videoing.

Beka said...

Newest follower! Found you on Mrs. B's !!!


Mrs. B. said...

I love your days. :) They always make me smile.
Yum @ the cupcakes.
Yay @ sleeping in and peppermint mocha coffeemate.
Fun! @ going to the hosp. to cheer up a friend.
Aw @ the boys sleeping on the floor. :)
Thanks for linking.

LB said...

I LOVE the video of Colin, its so cute to see how happy Colin gets when Jack gives him hugs and kisses. How could someone not one their kid to have a brother or sister. So freakin' cute!