Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Are you watching this?

The Chilean Mine Rescue?

It is incredible.

I could not go to bed last night. I watched them pull that first miner out after 68 days underground. I watched his 7 yr old boy cry and run to his daddy.
I cried.

God is so good.  Whoever would have thought that you could rescue 33 men who were buried 2,000+ ft underground? 

I could not even imagine dealing with what these guys have dealt with.

I have mining in my blood. My relatives came from England to mine in the coal mines in the upper peninsula in Michigan. My grandfather mined in the salt mines in Salt Lake City.

Be thankful for the family that you have around you now and thank the Lord for bringing those men back to their families.

Really. I can't stop watching this. Every miner brought up holds my attention.

Are you watching this?


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